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My 2015 Challenge

So is back up and running,  and that can only mean one thing… it’s time for another adventure!!

In September 2015 (11 months, or 48 weeks, or 334 days away) I am going to trek to the dizzying height of 5,895m (19,341ft) AKA the summit of Kilimanjaro, AKA the highest mountain in Africa, AKA this beast:


The climb will take 7 days (5 up, 2 down) and will involve all sorts of things that are waaayyy outside my comfort zone (e.g. hiking boots, sleeping in a tent for a week and of course the lack of real toilets).

My main reason for doing this is to raise money for Parkinson’s UK, so my first challenge will be spending the next 11 months asking everyone I know and everyone they know to sponsor me, and trying to come up with some novel ideas to help people part with their money. I have a fundraising target of £4000, which is conveniently just a little bit more than my brother raised for Parkinsons UK by running the 2014 London Marathon. Not that it’s a competition…

I’m super excited about this adventure for so many reasons – my love of mountains (which normally results in skiing down them not climbing up them), the challenge of getting fit and mountain-ready, and of course the opportunity to do my part to help support the wonderful work that Parkinsons UK do.

So this blog is really just a way for me to keep a record of, and share with anyone who’s interested, the different aspects of the challenge:

– preparing for a week on a mountain (fitness-wise and knowledge-wise)
– fundraising efforts and events
– learning more about Parkinson’s Disease and the work that Parkinson’s UK do

I will report back soon with details of how to sponsor me!