Monthly Archives: December 2014

End of Year Update

Quick update on what I’ve been up to:

I joined a gym. I made a half marathon training plan. I signed up for a 10km run on 3rd Jan. Christmas happened, which distracted me from my training plan. I went on two walks over the Christmas period, one more of a ramble through woods and the other a frosty 5 mile loop of Box Hill (this year’s location for the annual Christmas Walk).


I’ve been trying to run a few times a week and it’s getting slightly easier and more enjoyable with every run, even on a treadmill which I used to hate. I’ve switched from listening to music to listening to podcasts and discovered is makes time pass so much more quickly! I’ve also been trying out the Strava app instead of Nike Running but don’t completely trust Strava as it seems to think I run a lot faster than Nike does…

My mission for January is to purchase hiking boots, something I’m a bit nervous about as the comfort of my feet over the next year will depend on them…  And once my feet are in some good boots I can start planning some training walks!

From next week I will try and post weekly training updates, mainly to guilt-trip myself into making sure I don’t miss any workouts!

Run Before I Can Walk: Training Plan

As mountains go, Kilimanjaro is not a “technical” climb, it mainly just involves a lot of walking (a LOT of walking). Tens of thousands of people climb Kilimanjaro each year, and people of all ages and fitness levels have reached the summit – reliable sources on the internet and in real life have said that you do not need to be ultra-fit to succeed and it is actually best not to over-train.

However, there will be plenty of other obstacles to contend with during the trip, mainly altitude acclimatisation, and I don‘t want a lack of fitness to even cross my mind while I concentrate on things like breathing and walking and staying warm.

Also, while I do make the effort to walk whenever I can, I rarely walk very long distances or up hills, so this is going to take my legs and lungs a bit of getting used to. As well as plenty of local training walks, I am planning the following walks / mini challenges throughout next year:

3 Peaks Challenge (Snowdon, Skafell Pike and Ben Nevis)
Alpine hiking (if I really have to, I think I could put up with a trip to the Swiss Alps ;o)

On top of that, I have somehow been talked into running the Adidas Half Marathon next March. This is an altogether different and rather horrifying challenge, made exciting only by the fact that the run is on the Silverstone race track. The furthest I have ever run is 10km in April 2013 (Parkinson’s UK Run Highclere event) and this is just over double that… I’m already pretty terrified but for now I’m taking it one run at a time and hoping I start to enjoy it soon!

So it looks like I will be spending the winter running, running and more running (with a few walks thrown in), before switching to walking, walking and more walking in the springtime.

For now, it’s off to the gym!