Mission: Hiking Boots

After my usual extensive internet research, January’s mission was to find and buy a pair of hiking boots for all the walking I’ll be doing this year. My parents guessed exactly what was top of my Christmas list and kindly contributed towards the purchase.

I found myself in Cotswold Outdoor in Covent Garden after work one day, and even though the sales assistant almost put me off with some patronising comments (“trying to compare those two boots is like trying to compare Chanel with Dior”), he was helpful and patient while I tried on four different styles in a variety of sizes.


I had decided leather would be the best option for me and Gore Tex was a must, and in the end I bought the Meindl Toronto GTX – the last pair I tried and instantly the most comfortable for my very fussy feet.

I’ve been wearing them around the house as much as possible (our neighbours in the downstairs flat must love me!) but I was at first undecided on whether I should keep the boots. The top of my foot was feeling a little tingly after a while of wearing them, which is not surprising as I have a high instep and this is the same place that all rental ski boots hurt.

Then I came across an article on SectionHiker.com that included this video on different methods for tying laces, and relacing the boots suddenly made them feel like they were made for my feet.

I think “Lacing Windows” may be my new favourite thing!

So now I’ve decided to keep the boots, the next step is to actually test them outside as the ten-pace loop of my living room is not going to break them in very quickly!

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