January Training Update

Get ready for some excuses…

I figured the first month of 2015 would be a good time to start logging the training I’m doing for Kilimanjaro and for the half marathon in March. With only a couple of months to get to a state where I can run 21km, it’s time to get running! I started off well with a 10K run round Dorney Lake, but it kind of went downhill from there with a mysterious dodgy knee following the 10K, a busy couple of weeks at work that seemed to reduce my enthusiasm and energy for working out, and then I got hit by a bout of flu and suddenly it’s February! I’m fully aware that these are all just excuses and I should just “man up” etc etc so I’m sharing the stats anyway to shame myself into doing better next month:

Kilometres run: 19km
Kilometres walked*: 6km
No. of other workouts: 3

So I think it’s time to write off January and start anew with February. I’ve planned out all the runs I need to do this month and started today with 5km that only left me slightly wheezy, though I’m hoping that’s just the remnants of the flu and not a reflection on my fitness.

With eight months to go until I’m halfway up the mountain, I feel I still have plenty of time for Kilimanjaro training, it’s the thought of a half marathon in exactly 6 weeks that is giving me slight palpitations at the moment.

* Kilometres walked only includes times I’ve gone out “for a walk”, which in this case was once. I have, in fact, walked more than 6km this month if you include general everyday walking…

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