February Training Update: Breaking in the Boots

So February has come and gone in a blur of work, illness and one amazing holiday in Iceland. I’m slightly behind my training schedule for the Silverstone Half Marathon due to all of these things but I’ve done a few runs this week so hoping I can at least finish the Half Marathon even if it takes a few hours!!


I did get a chance to fit in a Box Hill walk with my Dad at the start of February, and we picked a lovely day for it with crisp air and winter sunshine. Our route was a modified version of a loop we did for 2014’s annual ┬áChristmas Walk, a total of 7km and 275m gain. Pleased to report comfortable feet all the way after a couple of boot relacings.

I also dragged Jason on a more local walk in the closest thing to countryside near West London, Colne Valley Park. While not very hilly, there are lots of different walking routes and it was muddy enough to stop my boots looking new anymore!


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