Adidas Half Marathon – one week to go!

One week today until the Adidas Half Marathon at Silverstone! My race pack has arrived, in fact it arrived about a week ago but I’ve been busy moving house… that’s a good excuse right? As well as the race number and timing chip they also sent a magazine with loads of info including the course map – I’m super excited to run around the Silverstone track (in terms of F1 geekiness this is only tempered by the fact that the F1 season starts at 6am on the same day as the run).


I went for a run yesterday and am now very slightly concerned as the sore knee I developed in January hit me again at 7km in. I carried on until 11.5km and it feels OK the following day, so I’ve just got to hope it’s going to hold out next weekend!

In other news, my trainers are looking a little worse for wear after I took a slight wrong turn during my first run from the new flat – cutting across a park to get to the canal I somehow ended up in a boggy field and had to finish the run with soggy feet…


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