Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon

Last Sunday was the long awaited Silverstone Half Marathon and I’m pleased to report I managed it! Nice medal hey?


I had targeted myself to finish in under 2.5 hours, and my final time was 2:23:56 – nothing that could be described as fast but a good start for my first half marathon. I wasn’t overly confident of even finishing, having not run further than 11.5km in training, but as usual the atmosphere and adrenaline on the day was enough to get me there. May have been faster and easier with a little more training though!

Sunday was a pretty cold and windy day and when we arrived at Silverstone  James, Byron and I all had a ‘what are we doing here?’ moment at the thought of running in the rain. Luckily the rain never materialised but it stayed cold enough that removal of coats and outer layers was not a fun experience and I kept my windproof jacket on to run.

I started the race near the 2h30 pace marker with the strategy of staying between that one and the 2h15 marker, although I overtook them both near the beginning in a reckless burst of enthusiasm. I really enjoyed the first 10km, I felt great and it went quickly; according to Strava it took me just over 1:00:40.

Kilometres 10-13 I will refer to as the thirsty section, as I kept expecting there to be a water stand and there wasn’t. I wish they had offered the choice of water at the Lucozade stand. The second half of the race was much more of a struggle (and much slower) than the first half. I had foolishly thought that the last few kilometres, a lap of the race track, would feel like the home straight and wizz by, but by that point it was horribly windy and I was knackered so it seemed to take forever and it was a great relief to finally see the finish line!

I’ve only got a couple of pics as we didn’t have any spectators and the official photos, while good, are very expensive, but Byron did get a good snap of me near the finish – he and James both finished fast enough that they’d been chilling out for a while before I was anywhere near the end!


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