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A Fundraising Event: Quiz Night!

Last week I held my first non-cake related fundraising event – a quiz night! I’m a big fan of pub quizzes and figured a quiz night would be a great way to raise some money and also have some fun.

And it did turn out to be really fun! About 40 people turned up – mainly my friends or friends of friends, and although I was pretty nervous beforehand about my job as quizmaster, once I got into it I really enjoyed it. The total raised in the end was £260.

Photo 23-05-2015 20 11 29

The organisation of the quiz night was relatively simple (aside from waking up in the middle of the night remembering last minute details such as pens and a cash float). I did spend the couple of weeks leading up to the quiz engrossed in trying to come up with the right combination of questions. I took questions from various websites (two great ones are Paul’s Quiz and Quiz Zone) and also from quizzes I’ve been to in the past and some that randomly popped into my head. There were also, of course, a few Kilimanjaro related questions thrown in for good measure.

There were some creative team names as always; my favourites were a tie between “Ken Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead” and “Snows of Quizimanjaro” – great topical name!

Photo 23-05-2015 20 13 21

This is me quizmastering…

I chose a central London venue as this was most convenient for most people to get to after work. After ruling out several venues on the grounds of not enough space, rude Events Managers or extortionate minimum bar spends, I remembered Henry’s Café Bar in Covent Garden. It has a downstairs area that turned out to be great for a quiz, with just the right amount of seating, a PA system and its own bar with a minimum spend of £500 (which turned out to be no problem at all with my thirsty friends!) They also donated a bottle of Prosecco for the winners!

Photo 23-05-2015 20 09 03

The winners: Ken Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead

Parkinson’s UK sent me some collateral for the quiz, including beer mats and donation tins, and I also printed out a little poster. It was really useful to have a text donation number as it meant anyone who didn’t have cash on them could pay the £5 entry fee or the bonus round donation via text.

It was very cool to see so many people come and support my fundraising effort (or come to enjoy a quiz night!) – thank you to everyone who took part! My fundraising total currently stands at £1380 which is 34% of my £4000 target. Getting there but still a way to go!

April Training Update

After a couple of weeks of not wanting to go anywhere near my running shoes after the half marathon, I got back into a bit of running thanks to a new favourite 5K sunset running route along Brent River (uphill all the way, downhill all the way home – my favourite type). It’s amazing the difference longer evenings make to my willingness to run or really do anything after work.

The spring weather (which seems to have promptly disappeared) has also helped me with trying to convince Jason that hiking is a fun way to spend a Saturday, and we had a nice little trip to Devil’s Punchbowl in Surrey a couple of weeks ago. It’s a super pretty place to walk and enough hilly sections that it’s better training than my local West London walks along the river.


So here are the stats for April, not including general walking to the station and around and about:

Kilometres run: 24km
Kilometres walked: 20km
Other workouts: 3

Coming soon: a weekend in Snowdonia and a trip to Ben Nevis – feel like I need to up those kilometres!!