Tanzanian Visa: check!

I had to renew my passport last year (getting old!) and I was a bit sad as my last one contained two Working Holiday visas, something I imagine is not likely to happen again. But fear not, I’ve embarked on the exciting task of filling up my new passport, starting with a Tanzanian visa.

Tanzanian High Commision

You can get a Tanzanian visa on entry at the airport, but as I work not far from the embassy (it’s actually a High Commission, I’m not sure what the difference is) I decided I may as well get it in advance. So I popped over there on my lunch break to drop off my passport – which took about 15 minutes including a 14.5 minute wait. Then 3 days later I popped back to get it, which took about 90 seconds. I was quite surprised how fast the process was, but that is maybe because I compare every embassy experience with the horror of the American Embassy a few years ago.

I will also need to get a Kenyan visa as I’ll be there for longer than 12 hours. Apparently you can no longer get a Kenyan visa on entry as they have switched to an e-visa system. I’m halfway through filling in the online form, and I think it’s then a case of taking a print out of the email confirmation to show at the airport. To me that’s not actually an e-visa, but a great way to cut down on printing costs at the Kenyan embassy by having everyone print their own visa!

I’m working my way through my list of Kilimanjaro-related tasks so visa is definitely a good one to tick off. Up next – jabs & medications, and to finalise my packing & shopping lists!

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