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Kilimanjaro Countdown: 1 day to go!

Tomorrow is the day I head to the airport – after nearly a year of planning I feel like the last few months have gone by in a blink and suddenly it’s here!

I started a new job a few weeks ago so it’s been a bit of a whirlwind between learning the ropes there and getting everything ready for Kilimanjaro. Luckily, the office is on the fifth floor so I’ve had plenty of stair climbing practice – I think I might be the only one in the office who was a bit glad that the lift has been broken for the past few weeks!

As to be expected I guess, I still have a few errands to run today, buying or sorting out a few last minute bits and pieces. Even with nearly a year of planning I’ve still managed to leave a lot until the last week…

But I’ve triple checked the kit list and between the many lists I have going it seems improbable I could have forgotten something important (fingers crossed).

Guess I’ll find out soon enough!

Camping Practice at Silverstone

Seven nights in a tent is something that technically I have managed before (Glastonbury 2009) but I still feel it’s going to require a bit of mental preparation… and what better way to prepare than by practising with a weekend camping and watching cars at Silverstone.


This was my third Silverstone GP with James, Byron and Reece and my second trip there this year after running the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon in March. It was good fun visiting the track after having run around it – although it did cause a few painful flashbacks…

From my experience Silverstone camping is like a more civilised version of festival camping – you get to park next to your campsite (like Coachella) and the toilets are an infinite upgrade on anything you’d see at Glastonbury! We also had delicious home-cooked (campsite-cooked) meals for the whole weekend thanks to Byron and some forward planning.

Even with a forecast of torrential rain and local weather warnings (brought back memories of Silverstone 2010’s flooded tents when I ended up sleeping in the car), my tent coped extremely well and it was pretty cool lying awake listening to the rain but staying completely dry! Apart from that little downpour and the rain that made the race interesting on Sunday, the rest of the weekend was super hot & sunny and despite regular sunscreen layers I ended up with some rather strange sunburn lines on my face. Oops…

I made another little video for this weekend – even though it’s nothing to do with Kilimanjaro training it’s good practice for filming and editing to make sure I can make a half decent video of Kili!